Thursday 6 May – Election Day

Tomorrow, as cannot surely have escaped your notice, is election day. We are certainly not going to advise you how to vote, but we are going urge you strongly to use your vote – after all, how can you complain about things in the future if you didn’t vote?!

About 3 weeks ago, we began posting ‘mini-analyses’ of main party & candidate manifestos on our Twitter feed, looking at each to see what they said about woodland and crofting issues, and therefore by extension, woodland crofts (we hoped some might specifically reference woodland crofts, but sadly, none did. Next time, maybe……).

With just a few hours to go before polling starts, we thought it might be useful to gather all those twitter threads in one place, so that people could quickly catch up on them particularly for people who didn’t see them on Twitter. Don’t worry if you aren’t a Twitter user, all the links will open in an ordinary web browser.

The are posted in the order we did them, which is roughly the order they were published in:

Scottish Green Party

Scottish National Party

Scottish Liberal Democrats

Andy Wightman -Independent (Highlands & Islands regional list only)

Scottish Conservative Party

Independence for Scotland Party (stood down their candidates, but their ideas for forestry are rather interesting & worth a look!)

Alba Party (regional list only)

Scottish Labour Party

Now make sure you vote!

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