The following documents and links provide further background information and guidance.
Please note that most are working documents and are subject to change.

Woodland Crofts

Woodland Crofts Guidance
A basic introduction to issues relating to woodland crofts (February 2015)

Woodland Crofts Allocations – Guidance for Community Landlords
Guidance on the selection of tenants for new woodland crofts, written primarily for
community landlords but may also be of use to private landlords looking to select tenants (February 2015)

Woodland Crofts Housing & Development
An introduction to issues relating to development on woodland crofts (May 2019)

Woodland Crofts Benefits Checklist
A checklist highlighting some of the public benefits potentially available from woodland crofts (February 2015)

Woodland Crofts Forest Management
Guidance on the management of woodland on a woodland croft (February 2015)

Woodland Crofts Route Map
An outline of the key stages in developing woodland crofts (February 2015)



Rural Housing Bodies & Rural Housing Burdens
A short guide for community landowners considering providing housing and wishing to retain control of it using rural housing burdens (February 2015)

Woodland Crofts: Enabling Croft Housing
Proceedings of a seminar exploring practical solutions to maximise community benefit


Woodland Management

Managing Small Woodlands in the Highlands & Islands
A guide for crofters, communities and small woodland owners