Business in a woodland setting

Woodland offers a unique environment: the enclosing effect of the trees serves to insulate the interior of the wood from the outside world, allowing those within it – both people and wildlife – freedom from disturbance, even when other activities are ongoing relatively near at hand.

As a result it is particularly popular for quiet – and less quiet – recreation, from walking and wildlife watching to camping and mountain biking. Generating direct income from some forms of recreation can be difficult though there is no question as to its indirect contribution. However holiday accommodation is one way that crofters have traditionally supplemented their income, and woodland crofts offer an exciting new dimension to this.


The cabin in a woodland glade pictured on this page illustrates the possibilities: who wouldn’t want to stay there? A world apart from a more typical static caravan holiday….

The calming nature of woodland is acknowledged to be a factor in supporting people with emotional and mental health issues, through forest schools, retreats and rehabilitation programmes. More generally, woodlands form a pleasant background to a range of practical activities, from training in land management skills and bushcraft, to artistic and other creative pursuits.

Thus the range of opportunities to generate income from the woodland setting, either directly or through third-parties, is very broad, and will often be enhanced by having a diverse and well-tended woodland as is likely to be the case on a woodland croft.